Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Pink Quilt is finished

It's done! Yesterday I finished the binding that is all done by hand, I rather not fiddle with trying to catch both sides of the binding when sewing it in the sewing machine.

The back is interesting...I decided that I would use the left over fabrics from the quilt top, pieced in a random pattern and I quickly realized that I didn't have enough, so I introduced the blue fabric. I like to think that I constructed the back in the way quilts used to be made, with whatever fabrics were available.

I quilted in a new way for me, 1/4 inch away from seamlines in a criss-cross pattern, I really like it. I used Gutternmann's cotton thread for the quilting which I had never used before (always bought Mettler's) and it worked great; the fact that is sold at Joann's is very convenient!

I went window shopping on Friday and I'm so excited to start fall sewing! I won't say which pattern I'll start with because it always seems to change; let me say that I have several patterns already modified so I might start there.

This past week to take a break from the troublesome lace tunic I started Valley Yarns Staghorn Cabled Tunic. I bought this pattern at last years Stitches East with the Northampton yarn called for. So far so good! Sadly this year Stitches East is in Connecticut instead of Baltimore =(

Keep on sewing! I'm enjoying looking at everyone's plans, and hope that one day I'll put one together...


  1. I'm always so impressed by quilters. Not sure I have the patience, but am tempted to try.

  2. hi
    Delurking to say that I liked the hanging baby quilt so much, I got a new password from google just so I could tell you.
    I've only made one quilt, and that was tied. The quilting process is a little scary, and it's what really makes the quilt sometimes.
    I hope I'm being flattering enough!

  3. Hi Lisette,
    Que lindo!
    El Rosado es mi color favorito, you are right, the back is interesting, yo diria que tiene caracter.

  4. Welcome kmscheid! I am honored that you went through the trouble for me! Thank you so much!

    Try quilting in simple parallel lines, it is easy using the seams as a guide.


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