Sunday, September 06, 2009

What is it about this pattern....

that defeats me so?

I started the Square Bodice Pullover last summer, I got so frustrated that I contacted the designer, Shirley Paden, by email, who very generously sent me her original pattern and charts which she had submitted to Interweave Knits for publication. That information helped a lot and I was able to finish the back. When I started on the sleeve the shaping that goes on was so confusing to me as regards to incorporating the stitch patterns as the sleeve became wider. On Ravelry I found Amy (AmyA) who also very generously sent me by snail mail a copy of her notes for the sleeve, her version of this sweater is gorgeous.

Last summer I was too frustrated to attempt the sleeve one more time and since fall was around the corner I put it away. I studied Amy's notes and finally saw the light, especially how to effectively add pattern stitches as the increases were added.

So here we are, I have charted, I have knitted and yesterday I realized that about 9 inches from the bottom things went wrong. Was it my chart or was it a mistake when knitting?. Well, I'm frogging it and once I get to about the same spot I'll see what happened.

The bottom row above is fine but then things get different

Now I'm not a lace girl. I do admire the work but usually for garments I like more modern and simple looking designs. However I fell in love with this pattern(the yarn is Paton's Grace which I really like), and although it might put me off knitting lace from now on, I will finish it. Wish me luck.

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