Friday, October 30, 2009

Doctor Mom reporting

Both my boys have the flu, we think is the H1N1 because we were vaccinated for the seasonal flu. Regardless it is treated the same. My teenager has gotten it worse with high fever and stomach upset along with a bad cough. The younger one has low grade fever and a bad cough. I'm trying really hard not to get sick, as you can imagine, since who will take care of Doctor Mom?

I hope to take pictures of my youngest in his costume this weekend, he might be fine to go trick-or-treating by then. I'm off to finish his pants, at least last night I slept (only had to get up once) and I feel like I can function in the sewing room.

Hope you all stay healthy!


  1. Lisette,
    I wish your sons to get well real soon. Don’t forget our best medicine, Cuban Chicken Soup!
    Best Wishes and Happy Halloween!

  2. Sorry to hear your boys are sick. I hope they'll feel a lot better soon!


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