Saturday, October 03, 2009


Not much sewing has gone on this past week, well no sewing really I refuse to count washing my fabric, but it is ready for a simple knit top. I still have to show you the shell I made with leftover fabric from the Madison dress, but because I worked in the garden today it was a natural looking day for me and I am not inclined to share with you that look ;-)

The boys are playing baseball as I type and I'm exhausted from the yard work. I know these pictures don't show that I did much, but I worked the soil to spread mulch which had turned to a really nice rich dirt and spread some seeds my neighbor gave me. I'm hoping that next spring I can have an "after" shot of these corners. I also made a border by cutting into the soil to create a trench;the same neighbor that gave me the seeds showed me how to do it and I wanted to try it out.

If you have seen these beetles, they are an accidentally introduced bug that seems to be showing up more and more in the suburbs.

Even though in my household we respect all living things, these bugs are getting out of control and my sons spent quite a bit of time today exercising some control. Here is info on this annoying insect.

I took a look at the new Vogues, and there are a few I like, I'll let you know more when I look at them with more time. Any favorites out there?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Well, if the weather in MD was anything like here, you had a beautiful day to do yard work. It will have been worth it when your seeds sprout and grow into colorful flowers. I have seen those bugs on my squash plants, but not in the house. We get those nasty brown, hopping, humpbacked crickets in the house in the fall. Yick!


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