Saturday, December 19, 2009

The coat's lining

I am very relieved because I finally started cutting the Burda coat. I finally admitted that I was fearful to cut into my "good fabric" and I was trying to read everything that might help me with this coat and in doing so delaying my actions. So the lining has been cut, the fabric is a beautiful silk lining, and I only incorporated one modification to the pattern that I have never done before. I read in Connie Long's Guide to Sewing Linings that the lining in the kick pleat can pull and distort the fashion fabric so she basically lowers the back by 1/2 inch at the hem and then blends in towards the front, she also lowers the start of the pleat. Eugenia has a great sketch showing this alteration which she used on a skirt.

Since we'll be snowed in tomorrow(it is still snowing here on our way to a couple of feet), I'm sure I will have time to cut into the fashion fabric. My next fear to conquer will be the welt pockets, but I will make a sample and there are a number of good tutorials on the net as well as in a couple of my books to guide me.

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  1. Hola Lisette,
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    Bendiciones, Salud y Prosperidad para el Año Nuevo.


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