Friday, December 18, 2009

The Staghorn Cabled Tunic

Quite the name don't you think? Anyways this pattern is from WEBS, I purchased the pattern and yarn (Valley Yarns Northampton) at Stitches East two years ago. It was finished a while ago but took me a while to block and then sew the seams. I'm missing the buttons on the bodice (just for show), I was going to drop by Joann's today but my interpreting job took longer than I thought and I had to get home because my oldest forgot to take his house key.

I think it is a cute tunic for casual days. I enjoyed doing the cables and although it was pretty simple to do, it had enough going on to keep one interested.


  1. Wow I wish I could knit. It looks fabulous and warm (sometimes a hard combination to achieve!)

  2. Lisette.- que bonito y laborioso se ve este swueter, me encanta. Bien, aprovecho para desearte una muy feliz navidad en compañia de tu familia.

    Abrazos, Paco


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