Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burda Style Fatina dress

This dress while it is very basic in construction was difficult to fit. The pattern has the bust darts and some shaping in the side seams but because I'm a pear I needed to fiddle with the side seams to give me a good fit. I need to remember that while I can wear sheath dresses they need to have princess seams or fisheye darts so that I can get a better fit. Nonetheless I planned on this dress being casual and comfortable and it is. The fabric is a cotton stretch and I noticed that in both these pictures the neckline is not laying flat; it must have stretched a little when sewing but it didn't always look that out of shape when I wore it. I'm going to look up some techniques in how to handle better open necklines like this. Am I thrilled with the fit? No but it is the best I could do.

Did you put your sunglasses on? Pretty bright fabric!

I could have paid more attention to fabric placement in the back, but I don't think is that bothersome, besides I can't see it ;-)

I'm glad I tried a Burda Style downloadable pattern. They are really not hard to tape together (although I had help!) I read the instructions and they were good and of course using the bias binding in the neckline and armhole is a great technique that can be used to eliminate facings.


  1. That's a cute dress. Love the fabric. It looks cool and comfy on a hot, summers day.

  2. It's a great dress for those last hot days of summer in a beautiful print. Enjoy wearing it and use what you learned for another version for fall!

  3. I love the fabric - even without sunglasses. I have had some issues with fitting this dress, which hasn't stopped me from making it 4 times now. I've ended up either doing a pleat or a dart under the bust, which works since in most of my versions I've split the pieces and made separate upper and lower fronts.

  4. What fun fabric! Makes for a great casual summer dress.

  5. That is a pretty dress, the lemony yellow color looks cool, and the cotton stretch fabric must be so comfortable. I think the fit is pretty good. I didn't notice the neckline until you mentioned it.


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