Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rethinking the Patrones blouse

Since I started working on this blouse with this particular tight weave poly woven, I have had to force myself to work on it. I don't like the feel of the fabric and I was concerned about the wear since I don't like wearing poly silky wovens (cold in the winter, hot in the summer). Yesterday I noticed that one of the center front pieces had a defect, about 5 lines of color variation. I still forced myself to continue since I figures if I hadn't noticed it until now I could probably get away with it. I started finishing the armholes with the bias strips and then I noticed that no matter how careful I was so that my hand stitches didn't show on the right side (it wasn't an option to topstitch the bindings down) they were showing; the fabric has such a tight weave that is impossible to grab just a strand.

So I say "Basta!", my time is too precious to waste on an activity I'm not enjoying to produce a less than stellar garment. I'm moving on!!! I will however reuse the Patrones pattern I really like the fit and it will be pretty with a different fabric.


Since I don't like pictureless posts, the above was the only thing sewing related that I found in my Yellowstone vacation. It was a picture hanging along with the many guns on display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming.


  1. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

  2. Knowing when to fold 'em is an important sewing skill. Next one will be better.


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