Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New project - Burda Style Fatina

My nails coordinate with this fabric!

So after initial difficulties caused by my brain being on holiday, I got this pattern traced, cut and as you can see above I stopped short of binding the neckline because well, other duties took precedence.

Karen was very kind and sent me this downloadable pattern from the Burda Style site after I fell in love with the (3?) versions she had created. I thought it wise to first make it up as designed to determine the bones of this very simple pattern.

Parting shot...

DS2 who loves puzzles saw me starting to piece together the pattern and ask if he could do it, well of course!!


  1. My first thought, before I started reading, was "Hey, the nails match the fabric"! Then I saw your first line and laughed! Pretty fabric. It will be nice to see it completed!

  2. I think more men and boys would be interested in sewing if they understood that pattern making is engineering - taking flat objects (the pattern and fabric) and turning them into a multi-dimensional object with curves.

  3. Love the fabric - look forward to seeing the dress.
    What a great helper!

  4. You are so lucky that your son wants to help piece it all together! I don't think I have the patience to do that!


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