Friday, August 27, 2010

My present project

My plan is to make an outfit that will work well together to take me into fall, there will be three new pieces to coordinate with existing pieces in my closet.

The fashion fabric is a light weight knit from Emma One Sock (it was called onionskin back when I bought a few years ago). To line it I used a poly blend knit from from their Lavender label Vera Wang collection that was almost given away. The lining fabric has a nice weight that makes for a nice drape at the hem.

As you can see the skirt is done but I'm waiting for the other pieces to show you the whole look.

In my desire for giving myself enough ease at the waist and hip I made the skirt a little too big for me. I corrected some by easing some of the extra at the waist. I think the technique is called stay-stitch plus? Basically you put your finger behind the presser foot while you sew to gather in extra fullness. I learned watching Sandra Betzina doing it in her old Home and Garden tv show. I added stay tape also for stability.

I will also make a tank top from Burda magazine, it is basic but has a pretty neckline. I will give you the issue later. I will be using leftover fabric from this dress

Lastly I want to make the cardigan from this Vogue pattern, I hope I have enough fabric, I bought it a long time ago when I was a little skimpy with yardage, will let you know!

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