Friday, October 22, 2010


For the first time this year, my son who is a high school junior is going to the Homecoming dance. This summer he cut his hair, he became a texting expert, has joined clubs and his social circle has expanded. Wow. Today I need to go buy him a jacket and dress shoes since he outgrew them and then I will probably end up playing chauffeur on Saturday since his friends are going to be taking pictures, going out to dinner and then going to the dance (and believe me I'm glad it will be me doing the driving).

A couple of weeks ago my brother and his family came to visit and I had the inmense pleasure of spending time with my nephew. He is the cutest! Last time I saw him he wasn't walking on his own yet, this time around everyone was exhausted chasing after him...yeap I remember those days.

Let's hear it for the boys!


  1. Lisette, they grow up so fast. My daughter is a high school senior this year. In the last two years she has learned to drive, gone on her first job interview, gotten her first job, opened her first checking account, and this weekend she is interviewing for acceptance at M.I.T. It's a time of big changes. For her and for me. Your son looks handsome with his short haircut. He's going to look so grown up in a jacket and tie. I look forward to pictures.
    :)Deb M.

  2. Yay for boys! My husband was wondering this morning if we would EVER have any boys in our family other than him and the son in laws- he thinks that I don't know how to sew boy type clothes! This may be the first thing we don't have in common Lisette!

  3. Your son will look so handsome when he is dressed up for the dance. Be sure and take pictures. My youngest son went to his homecoming dance last week. When his date told him she wanted his tie to match her dress, which was magenta pink, I cringed. But I did find a gray tie with the exact same pink in the jacquard weave, on sale too. They looked so cute together.

  4. It is sometimes hard to see all these changes happen, but it does get easier and the changes are all for the good :)

    I hope your son (and you :) have a great time.

    Your nephew is so cute!


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