Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IK Spring 2008 Flutter Sleeve Cardigan FO

I started this project back in March and it took longer to finish that I anticipated, but isn't always the case with knitting?

While there are no sleeves to set in there are a lot of other details, like the front bands which are knitted separately and then sewn in, as well as the sleeve bands and the tabs. I lengthened the bodice above the waist to let the ribbing fall on my natural waist (I added 1 in to bodice and front bands). I also used a larger size to cast on the skirt and reduced enough stitches above the waist to knit a smaller size.

The buttonholes turned out a tad to big for my buttons so I'm going to crotchet around the openings to close them in, I spent all day yesterday trying to keep the cardigan closed; it really is not meant to be worn unopened.

The yarn is Elann Bamboo Fusion, which as the name implies is a bamboo blend which is very drapey and feels really good against the skin.

I'm very happy with the outcome, I like the color and I love the sleeves. After you invest so much time in a project it feels great when it turns out well :-)


  1. Beautiful! I'm working on the same sweater so I'm happy to see how well it turns out. And by "working on" I mean it's half done and I've put it aside to start on holiday gifts. Maybe it will be ready for next spring :-)

    Excellent color choice.

  2. Oh how I wish I could knit!!!!

  3. Great knitting! Your sweater turned out beautiful. I have just started February Lady Sweater from Ravelry.com


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