Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Construction details, Hot Patterns jacket

At this point the jacket back, cuffs and pockets have been constructed and topstitched. Topstitching through the heavy multiple twill layers went slow and made my fingers ache, but I like how it looks so far.

In looking at the pictures I got to check on the stitching of the pocket it looks a little puckery.

I added a back stay to give the dropped shoulder area a little more support, just used a piece of washed muslin.

Next up is the bound buttonholes but I have to decide on buttons first.


  1. Those hand stitches are gorgeous!

  2. Lurve your topstitching!!!

  3. I'm watching this project with great interest. Your topstitching is perfect.

  4. GREAT topstitching Lisette!!

  5. You are moving right along with the construction of this jacket. Can't wait to see it finished!


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