Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot patterns Wrapture Jacket - continued

So the twill is cut and so is the lining and today I fused the interfacing. Did you know that fusing interfacing is the step I most dislike about sewing? This is the point where my construction progress stops while I brace myself, silly isn't? Picking the right interfacing makes me nervous; unless one makes the fabric as stiff as a board and the other causes no effect all the others are in between and so you need to go with a feeling...I think it is the engineer in me that rebels in this non-logical selection. It is not that I'm not educated on interfacing I have read and keep reading about it. Anyways I tested two both from Fashion Sewing Supply and I went with the Pro-Weft fusible. I like how it applied and now this step is done. I have also used Pam's tricot and have been very happy with it.

And continuing with the interfacing topic. Have you notice that the word "interfacing" has never been mentioned on Project Runway? There is no mention of buying it or using it? Well I figure the producers think is a term that non-sewers would have no clue as to what it is. But it could produce drama, what about if they fuse it to the right side of the fashion fabric or it shrinks their collar or it bubbles up? I know I know I'm quitting now...

I have a finished knitting project, I'll share when I have pictures.

Have a great weekend!

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