Monday, August 29, 2011

When plans come together and quickly fall apart

Delacorte Musical Clock, Central Park

I was thrilled that I had managed to plan succesfully a meeting with two dear high school friends which I hadn't seen in 20+ years, a shopping day in NYC with sewing friends and plenty of time to spend with my fun 2 year old nephew.

Even though Irene was coming up the east coast I left on Thursday to NY. I had a nice lunch with my brother in the city and then headed to NJ where I spent time with my nephew and then went on to what turned to be a fun-tastic reunion with my friends. We strolled Hoboken and reminisced about my college years there.
Sat here for a breather, plaza on 50th

On Friday, because now I was thinking I would probably be leaving on Saturday, since the word was Sunday was looking bad for travel, I went into the city and went fabric/notions shopping (more details on the next post), I met my brother and his family for lunch, a visit to the Frick Museum and strolling in Central Park. It was a glorious day!
Enjoying an ice cream in Central Park

That night I exchanged my tickets to leave Saturday morning and I did to make it home before Irene went over MD. We just got back power this morning. My house phone is not working and even though the internet is working my cell phone communication is terrible, all my calls get cut off.

While I'm disappointed that our PR shopping day was cancelled, I feel I made the most of my short time and I'm so very glad I went.

Hope you are all safe!


  1. It's a shame about the PR cancellation but it sounds like you made the very best of a short visit. Hope you get phone service back soon. We were luckier than many of our neighbors in this storm.

  2. I'm glad you made it home safely. I loved the Jomar text.

  3. Hope communications are back up and running soon in your house. You did a great job navigating the storm!!

    I enjoyed your comment about your zucchini and my pumpkin flowers. :)


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