Thursday, August 11, 2011

McCalls 6725

As I shared with you before, this pattern is from the 90s and therefore out of print. I was looking for a shirtdress with a circle skirt and this was perfect. It has been a while since I wore such a swingy skirt, and can I tell you it feels very girlish and fun. The fabric is a cotton shirting from Michael's Fabrics/A Fabric Place and I have enough for a fall dress; it was a joy to work with!

The bodice has a collar with no stand and no back facing so I followed Connie Long's instructions in Easy Guide to Sewing Blouses and I had no problems. There is no shaping on this bodice, no darts and the side seams are straight (mine ended up with some shaping to allow for a larger waist/hip). As you can see the bodice is a bit poofy in places but it doesn't bother me, this is the way it's drafted. The pattern instructs you to use facings for the armholes, instead I used the Burda method and made bias strips to finish them.

The skirt has pockets. I used the version with the longer skirt and shortened it to my knees.

One word of general warning. When marking my buttonholes I used the red wax/chalk that I bought in many colors in NYC and which disappears when it is pressed. Well, this color did not disappear

I washed the dress many times and most of it came out, you can see it if you are looking for it. I know many of us have bought this marking tool so beware!

These photo sessions are exhausting! ;-)


  1. I love your dress. It looks great on you.

  2. Delightful dress and so cool on you in every way!

  3. Love this--a classic, and classy, look.

  4. Such a beautiful shirt dress! Yes, you really do have to watch what you use for marking buttonholes. On washables, my favourite is the turquoisey wash-away marker, which now also comes with an eraser pen. It always comes out with water.

  5. Definitely a classic style and very easy to wear. Enjoy!

  6. What a wonderful dress that looks like it will be so cool to wear!

  7. So beautiful! Love the lightweight dress it makes it seem as ethereal ... Love this dress!

  8. Lisette,
    The dress is beautiful. Vintage is very good. I could use a circle skirt dress right about now. The belt is a perfect compliment to the dress. Did you make it?


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