Friday, October 19, 2012

Checking in

Wow! I did not mean to go missing for so long! I have been very busy but I have not produced much to share.

I finished this scarf that had been my travel project for a couple of years. I blogged about this before

I also attached the sleeves to the Filati cardigan I have been knitting. I now need really long circular needles (47" long!) to pick up stitches along the front for the band.  I don't have the needles so until I find them  I went ahead and made a swatch for my new knitting project. It is from the book Amber by Kim Hargreaves

I'm making the cardigan called Ginny. I love the shape of the sleeves and the fitted bodice.

 I am using the yarn called for in the pattern, Rowan Felted tweed but in a different colorway

I have also been helping at my son's high school with costumes for the play. Nothing to make from scratch but finding the right pieces and altering those that are available but not quite fit. My 32 year old high school prom dress (made by my mom) will appear on stage as a wedding dress so I modified it to fit the actress/student.

Most of my time however has gone to prepare for the one class (Spanish 2) I am now teaching at the community college. All the teachers I talk to say the first one is the hardest because later you recycle the material. I also spend time helping my son with Geometry (can you say Proof?) and Spanish. And let's not forget I'm in the middle of painting my bedroom...


  1. Wow que estas ocupadisima en estos dias! Justo ayer pase por tu blog para ver si habia algo nuevo y tambien para mirar por segunda vez tu vestido que tiene el torso de chevron y la falda roja.
    Encontre una tela similar y queria ver como hiciste con los ruedos.
    Me encantan tus tejidos! Las mangas de ese saquito estan soñadas.
    La bufanda tambien es a dos agujas o crochet?

  2. Hola Florencia! La bufanda esta hecha con dos agujas.

    Muchisimas gracias por visitar y dejarme tus lindos comentarios.

  3. Love your Missoni style knit.

  4. Your knitting is always so beautiful! I love the new sweater you have chosen to make as well. Can't wait to see it.


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