Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back home

So, unexpectedly (someone decided to come early!) I got to go to New Jersey and spend 5 days with my brother, his wife and their beautiful baby boy, my nephew! As all new parents they are getting used to their new routine or lack of, and I was glad to help.

On Tuesday morning after breakfast I took the bus into the city to enjoy a few hours in the garment district. I knew Cidell and Trena had been there and I almost followed in their footsteps by visiting a few of the same stores. I was very excited about going to Greenberg and Hammer where I finally bought large sheets of marking paper to avoid constantly moving around the tiny pieces of it available at Joann's. These will be great when marking jackets. I also bought the wax slabs that disappear when ironing after I read about them in Trena's blog. From there I went to see Kashi where I purchased more than I planned and therefore had him ship it for me. I found these beautiful belt buckles in another shop (can't remember the name) and the trim in Pacific Trims (Trena does it look like the trim you got?)

I'm all excited about finishing the dress I'm working on and making more summer dresses but first I have to catch up with my household duties...


  1. Kashi got me the first time and second time I went there too! LOL. The trims are amazing, aren't they? Can't wait to see the rest of your loot :)

  2. I also bought those wax sheets and they are phenomenal. I'll never go back to the itty bitty sheets.

  3. Yep, it looks like we have the same taste!


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