Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something new worn with something old

The something new is the top, it's the finished Green Gable by Zephyr Style in a white cotton yarn. I'm not completely satisfied with this project. The neckline in the back curls to the right side and so does the front to a lesser degree. I blocked it but didn't do much. My plan now is to wash the garment and then reblock and see if it helps. I also hope it helps the ribbing in the arms and especially at the hem, it is too loose and flips again to the right side; this might be my fault, I did not go down a needle size like the pattern asked because I didn't want tight ribbing at the hips and I also did Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind off because my regular bind off had no give and too tight. I lengthened the pattern,I didn't want my belly showing but maybe now it is too long? I hope it shrinks some after the wash. The lighting was strange, it really made the white shine and you can't see the lace detail in the front, so here it is.

The old is the skirt, Burda 8654 (out of print) which I made about 4 years ago (yikes!) and I never reviewed it. The fabric is a polyester chiffon from Joann's, I fell in love with the print but I knew it would give me trouble;the lining is also poly from Joann's. Once I sewed the side seams and put it on it was almost unwearable, I think the fabric must have shifted during cutting, I did have it pinned to tissue paper however, but there was almost no ease in the thigh area which I never have problem with since my hips are the widest part of my body. I do like the style, the chiffon overlay has a mock wrap and there is a slit in center back. I also like the top included in this pattern.

Both of these garments are wearable but I'm not completely satisfied, oh well they all can't be winners!


  1. Indeed. I try to be philosophical about the occasional dud. I wouldn't appreciate the successes as much without them.

  2. Even if you're not 100% satisfied, I think the two garments look very well together.

  3. What a lovely sweater! The neckline looks very interesting.


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