Sunday, June 07, 2009

The week's summary

A week ago on our anniversary we celebrated with our boys by going to the National Zoo. Everyone gets to pick what they want to see, I wanted to see the birds which is where I took the photographs of the peacock. He seemed to be posing for me and I couldn't resist the beautiful colors. The best part of our visit however was seeing the baby gorilla. We were lucky to find the mom and baby active and out and about. The way the mother looked after the youngster, never letting him out of arm's length, was precious. Her eyes conveyed such expression and intelligence.

Yesterday we got a day of no rain, after a week of downpours, so I went out to the garden and weeded. I also planted my herb pot because I love cooking with fresh herbs. I planted some sunflower seeds and placed some iron edgings down on the soil hoping to deter the squirrels from digging them up, we'll see.

I'm working on Vogue 7793 which is now out of print. I had cut the pattern from a beautiful batiste I bought at Metro Textiles that year. I used binding at the neckline instead of facings and I really like how it looks. More on the dress later...

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  1. Lovely photo! I'll have to go visit the gorillas soon, though I always feel a bit like a guilty voyeur in the gorilla house. They seem very private.


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