Friday, June 19, 2009

A stash confessional

Like I said in my previous post I got more than I planned at Kashi's and the pile arrived yesterday as he promised.

These are the knits, from left the first 4 are rayon knits, the solid heathers are beautiful which Kashi showed me after I got the print. The last two are poly knits. I do have a general idea of what I'm making with these but I don't want to commit yet. Looking at these I can say the mood was blue apparently ;)

Here are the wovens. On the left what Kashi called a Japanese cotton which will be made into this Burda top. The last on this row is another Japanese cotton that Carolyn made famous in her blog, this one for a sheath dress. The yellow print, which looks greenish in the picture, is a cotton with some stretch, I'm thinking another sheath dress. Next a Swiss dot for a top and above a silk for this tunic

When he was cutting my fabric, this denim was being put away by one of his assistants and I couldn't resist. It is double sided one a medium blue the other a very cool print.

Considering that last time I saw Kashi was a year ago, I'm thinking this wasn't so bad...The angst us fabric lovers put ourselves through...


I leave you with an image of my son receiving his 5th grade promotion certificate from his principal. And if you would just let me boast, he also received the President's award for academic achievement.


  1. Lisette, you must be so proud of your son, I'm very happy for you both:-)....and great haul, especially that denim.

  2. That denim is aMAZing!!! And congratulations to your son, who looks way too grown up for his years. A proud day!

  3. It's always hard to resist Kashi when he starts pulling out fabrics! You did good...and I should start a contest to see who uses that cotton piece first! :)

  4. Oh...and congratulations on your son's award!!!


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