Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The boyfriend jacket

I like the look of the boyfriend jacket. I always have, back in the 80's I wore a smoking jacket that belonged to my father in the 50's (he didn't smoke and mom says he might have worn the jacket once)and I loved the relaxed and comfortable look. It seems that this style is back and I will be making my own.

LaROK 'Charms of Perfection' Jacket from

I found the McCall's pattern during Joann's last $1.00 sale and even though I haven't compared it or looked for other versions, I figured for that price I would get it. I like the lines of it and the welt pockets will finally force me to try them. I have plenty of jacket fabrics so shopping my stash will be the way to go.

Chloe's boyfriend jacket from

I will still like to do at least one more summer outfit, something in linen, so I'm not starting the jacket right away. That will give me more time to look at other patterns..;-)


  1. My husband had a smoking jacket made for his Dad in Bangkok in 1980. I inherited it and wore it through the mid 80s. Shame we don't seem to have anymore...but I don't recall throwing it out.

  2. I was watching an old episode of Sex And the City and Carrie was wearing a similar look. It was so chic I thought!


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