Monday, August 31, 2009

This and that

The weather forecast for this weekend was so dismal that we decided to play it by ear. On Friday I went with the boys to see the last Harry Potter movie; this we did at my insistence since the boys had lost interest in this series a while back. Well, I really enjoyed the movie (the 3-D portion of it which was maybe 15 minutes long was great) and so did the boys. Once the movie was done they started drilling me for information and when we got home my oldest picked up the last book and he is now halfway done :-)

On Saturday we went for a long walk in the humidity but no rain. Before that my oldest helped his father to trim one of our trees and in the process they found a tree frog.

On Sunday we did chores around the house and got the backpacks ready for school, since today was the first day. I also got to do keep working on my pink quilt. I finally finished the back which is pieced with the fabric leftovers from the top, and I started to pin in preparation for the quilting.

The colors are more intense in the photo than real life

This morning the boys were excited to start, even though they will deny it. No pictures though, they are teenage/preteen boys and no longer want to document every event.

One more:

Here is the baby quilt I made for my nephew; his parents decided to hang the quilt and enjoy the colors that go so well with his room.

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