Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I did instead of modifying a pattern

The month of August has been emotionally exhausting and now my body caught up with me, so even though I was very excited to watch Project Runway again and start sewing I couldn't bring myself to work on my next garment project. Instead I took out my quilting fabrics and started playing with prints and colors. Here is a peek at the result.

I've wanted to make a pink and white quilt for a long time, and therefore I bought quite a few fabrics in that color. I know prefer more modern looking prints and brighter colors but I can still see the charm of a totally girly and feminine quilt. This quilt will go together fast,just simple squares and straight lines quilting.


  1. I flip to piecing quilt tops when I get frustrated or bored with clothing. I love the girly colors.

  2. I'm not a quilter but in my non-professional opinion I love the way those fabrics go together.

  3. I Love it!
    Pink is my favorite color, I can't wait to see quilt all done.
    I am so behind in my baby quilts projects...


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