Monday, August 03, 2009

Simplicity 3803 view B

I made this pattern two summers ago but never reviewed it. I wore it the first summer then over the winter gained 10 lbs and couldn't wear it the following summer. This year I get to wear it again since I lost the extra weight(yay!!)

I used a cotton seersucker from Joann's that I had bought originally to make a long skirt. The bodice is lined (with cotton batiste) per the Simplicity instructions, the skirt is unlined. I don't remember that anyone had any problems with this pattern but I had a lot of gaping in the bodice in the armscye, which I took in by easing it and securing it with 1/4 inch cotton tape.

I wore it all day friday (which unfortunately included being under torrential rains) and it is not only comfortable but kept me cool in the hot summer weather. It is not the style to show your shape, that is why my husband doesn't like it, he prefers I emphasize my waist, so I just won't wear it when I'm with him ;-)


  1. This style suits you well. It may not show off your waist but it sets off other assets!

  2. Very flattering style for you!

  3. Hi Lisette,
    Pretty dress, I love the sandals! They took me back to the Cuban summers of my youth.

  4. Very pretty dress! I think it looks great on you. I always enjoy seeing what you have sewn.

  5. any chance you'd be willing to share your pattern with a reader? i'd even send it back. promise! the pattern is now out of print, so i can't find it anywhere else.


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