Saturday, March 12, 2011

Manequim Magazine - A review

My first impression was that it was a "Lucky type" magazine with patterns thrown in. There was no page which included all line drawings like the other pattern magazines.

Click on pictures to see it better!

In the picture above you can see how they replicate an outfit from what I believe is some celebrity and they include a garment from one of their patterns in the look.

Like Lucky magazine does they have a fashion spread for different occasions, work, weekend. In the pages above they summarized all the pieces they used and identified the patterns included in the magazine. They also tell you what body type works better for each emsemble.

There was an interview, the lady in the picture who is a broadcaster, and she modeled several patterns, including the cover. I found it refreshing that she looks a normal size and that they didn't find it necessary to photoshop her birthmark/mole out. I really like the top pattern here.

There is a lot of beauty advice and even a recipe section. They also had a pattern for a crochet dress and some crochet accessories.

The pattern sheet is no worse than the new Burda sheets but patterns come in only one size. I took a quick look at the measurements and they seem comparable to Patrones. This issue has summer designs and there are quite a few that I liked. The grey dress (mod 109) with the zipper over the shoulder reminded me of McCalls 6243 but in a wowen.

I do not know Portuguese but there are a lot of words that are very similar or the same as Spanish (pear - Spanish pera - Portuguese pera) so I can get the main idea.


I'm hoping to finish my My image dress this weekend!


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Hmmm, I think the Lucky-style format sounds really cool, but only one size pattern? Bleh! It'd be way too much work to redraft, IMHO! (Unless the designs were super, super cool... but even then...)

  2. Looks like a great magazine. Makes it convenient that their sizing is close to mine, based on their website patterns.


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