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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So where is my jacket?

Well, I have been playing chofer for my son who was part of the stage crew for his high school spring theater production, in between I got sick (24 hr stomach bug), I worked, tried to keep up with laundry, made family get the jacket.

I did manage to finish knitting the Swing Cardigan that I was knitting. It came as a kit and I ran out of yarn to finish the collar. I was able to find another skein and now is awaiting sewing up the side seams/sleeves and other finishing.

I also added a border to the Happiness blanket, and now all that remains is to weave in a couple of ends.

I love it!


  1. Love the blanket. Where did you get that pattern book from for the jacket. I love it.

  2. Andrea the pattern is a leaflet I bought at Stitches East Baltimore a few years ago (they don't come to Baltimore anymore =(

  3. Love the Happiness blanket! It would make me smile each time I wrapped up in it! Love the bright colors and the pattern.

  4. LOVE your knit jacket! Does it matter that you got no sewing done? You were still incredibly productive.

  5. Your happiness blanket makes me smile. How cheerful! Glad you are feeling better!

  6. I, too, love your happiness blanket. We still use the afghan my mom made in this pattern back in 1967. It's of a wool blend and is so nice on cold nights. I love your colors and the white gives it such a "pop".

  7. I love it too and have it bookmarked to make eventually!


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