Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Burda WOF 3-2009 101 or the "I feel like such a 70's chick" dress

Well, I love the dress!!I know it is probably a lot of print for some but I guess I don't scare easily ;-). The neckline and placket which I talked about in another post reminds me of the 70's style and that is why the title.

This fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics was a dream to sew with and it feels smooth and cool against the skin.

I am at a loss why my waist band came out so short, I might make it again with more length.

Here is a picture of the back.


  1. I love the 70's vibe. The fabric is perfect for the pattern--looks like a RTW garment. Nice job.

  2. It worked out really well. This is a great look for you. What did you decide about the length of the last dress you made?

  3. What a cool, funky dress! It looks so comfortable. I need more pieces like this on my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Lisette, I love your dress. Bold print certainly, but oh so nice. It is very graphic-painting-artistic and it gives a lot of style to your dress. Very nice !

  5. I love the print! You made great use of it with the simple lines and volume of this dress.

  6. You picked the perfect pattern for this fabric, what a great dress!


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