Sunday, July 26, 2009

An unexpected trip

...down my cellar steps. Yes, yesterday while reorganizing the sewing/guest room I fell down about 3 steps to the cellar floor. I feel pretty dumb, I couldn't see the steps because of the bin I was carrying and I thought I was on the last step. Thankfully all I got is a swollen ankle and pains all over my body. The bin is meant to hold my knitting magazines which along with the Burdas and other assorted magazines are taking over the sewing/guest room.

Stefani Japel's Textured Circle Shrug

So today I'll try to take it easy on the ankle. I did blocked the sweater I'm in the middle of (it was a knit-along on the Lion Brand website, but I'm late), it needed blocking to sew up the sleeves before continuing knitting. I also finished my fingerless gloves, pictures soon. Burda WOF 2-2009 124 has been traced and altered and waiting for me to cut it, I'm using a beautiful cotton/rayon from Michael's fabrics which I've had for a while and I yet to locate lining in my stash.

Have a good and safe day!


  1. Ouch!!! I'm an expert, it seems, on falling down the stairs into my sewing room/basement. Ice, elevation, and possibly wrappping to keep the swelling down. This is why we'll probably have to move to a one story in our years.

  2. Sorry to hear you took a fall...hope you are doing better soon!

  3. Ow, I feel your pain! I have taken a ride down the stairs on my butt many a time. My husband thinks that by all rights I should be dead by now due to my inability to stay upright!

  4. ouch. oh man... that sounds like no fun :(

    I've had my eye on that BWOF pattern for a bit as well- such really pretty simple lines.


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