Friday, July 10, 2009

Progress in sewing and knitting

It has been a while since I attached a collar and then of course Burda WOF instructions are a bit cryptic but I like the way the collar and placket turned out, it yields a very clean finish inside and out. You can also see the pleats which I ended up working from the right side of the fabric to make them look like the picture in Burda's website.

View of the undercollar which was topstitched.

I did make the under collar a tad shorter than the upper collar to help with the shaping and hiding the seams.

So now the most time consuming sewing on the dress is done, I should be able to finish it the next time I sit down to sew.


If you are wondering why there is a table top on my flower pot is to keep the squirrels from digging out a young plant which they have done now twice!

Our Clio, the beagle, in the background

I have been knitting these fingerless mittens with a gorgeous yarn
I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year. I love this yarn and I love the pattern (from Ravelry Autumn Cable Mitts). I had never made mittens/gloves before and I had a hard time "seeing" how the thumb was coming together, but now I'm almost done and will start the next one.

Just one more...

Fireworks in our yard

Happy sewing and knitting!


  1. I love how your dress is looking! And it looks very similar to the original styles made by Ogust, with that placket neckline (not sure what you call it).

  2. Cool fireworks picture! Looking forward to seeing those projects in their entirety.

  3. I can't wait to see this dress finished.


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