Monday, July 20, 2009

A weekend in Southern MD or how to find links to sewing everywhere you go

On Saturday morning my family and I headed to Calvert County to visit the Marine Museum, it is a great little museum we have visited at least twice before. It has attractions for both adults and children, it is full of information (especially anything to do with fossils) about marine life in the Cheasepeake, a beautiful lighthouse that has been restored, they offer a boat ride and plenty of exhibits. There is a great exhibit showing a clear nose stingray egg sack with the live baby at different stages.

Here is a picture of the lighthouse, inside it is fully furnished ( I forget which time frame the furnishings represent) and there is this great treadle machine in one of the sitting rooms.

In the history of the area exhibits they show the Singer used to put together sails. A funny fact was that the people working on the sails preferred the hand stitching because the machine did not produce the quality stitches they could get by hand. This was a motorized machine.

After the museum we went south again to St Marys County all the way to Point Lookout State Park. The kids enjoyed going in for a dip in the Potomac river and my husband and I relaxed in the sun and pleasant breezes.

The next day we visited the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. We got a private tour with a retired navy officer who loved telling us war stories, the kids remembered things they learned in school and would ask him for more info which just about made his day. He pointed out to me this World War II flight simulator made by Singer!!

The outdoor exhibit had quite a few airplanes on display, including a Cessna (above) very similar to the one I flew in during my flight test engineer days.

Afterwards we headed to Historic St Mary's City (St Mary's was the capital of Maryland before Annapolis). I had been there about 15 years ago and they have done quite a bit in renovations and reproductions. The site alone is beautiful next to St Mary's river. The city is a living museum where people walk around in costume and going about their daily lives and the best part you can touch everything!

This sewing needle is made of deer bone and used by the Native Americans for sewing leather.

Some more pictures from St Mary's city...

It was a wonderful mini vacation!


About the Vogue dress...I decided to raise the hemline to knee level. I'm waiting for my mom to give me a hand to mark the new hemline. In the meantime, another dress from Burda WOF is coming up.

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