Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vogue 7793

I believe this one is OOP, I have had it forever. I initially wanted to use this pattern to make a dress for a wedding I was going last fall but the fabric I wanted to use for it was not wide enough to cut the dolman type sleeves so I used this printed batiste(which I bought when I first visited Kashi last year, and he still had it when I went a month ago); I put it all away, fall was coming and I would not wear it until the next spring/summer. I pulled it out again recently and started working on it.

It almost didn't get made because I had cut the bodice too small. I think the problem was this pattern was 6-8-10 sizing which I rarely use I prefer 8-10-12 which works perfect for my measurements, 8 at the shoulders sizing up to 12 in the chest area. I don't worry about having to go to a 14/16 for waist and hip those are easy alterations. Anyways, when I cut it I must have thought the biggest size was a 12 and there was my problem. I was able to re-cut the waist bodice pieces and then by sacrificing length in the skirt I moved the pieces up to cut the waist lower and so give me a bigger size at the waist and hip.

I interlined the skirt since this fabric is fairly sheer but left the bodice and sleeves alone since the busy print gives me coverage and makes it really nice to wear in hot days. I eliminated the facings and use binding at the neckline following Shaffer's High Fashion Sewing Secrets instructions.

Here is a picture of the invisible zipper, I always mark on the zipper the level at which the seams fall after sewing one side, so that I know that I have to place the opposite seams at the same spot, it works well.

I struggled with the length of this dress, the pattern has it really long, and the combination of the print and length made me look really frumpy, of course the shoes I tried it on with didn't help.

Original length

I think the length I ended up with is ok, but do you think I should try shorter?

Shorter length


  1. Nice dress. The print is very pretty. Personally I think that it is much more flattering at the shorter length. It should be cut cut below the knee to elongate the body. If you prefer the longer length, avoid shoes with an ankle strap.

  2. What a pretty dress! Go shorter - you have nice legs so you should show them off!

  3. Lisette - How lovely your dress is! You asked about the skirt length - for the shoes shown, I would shorten the skirt to just at knee. If you were to wear higher heels, with thinner straps, the longer length would read very elegant. Either way, it's gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hi Lisette-- thanks for your comment!
    I love the dress. I have been using binding instead of a facing for necklines and armholes lately and love it!

  5. Hola Lisette,
    Muy bonito el vestido! A mi me gusta del largo que lo dejastes, lo encuentro perfecto.
    Si no te molesta, quisiera hacerte una pregunta.
    Estoy planeando un Family Heritage Quilt, ya tengo la tela para representar Cuba, pero no he podido encontrar una tela con German scenery. Has visto alguna tela asi? Me la paso haciendo research for novelty, german, bavarian & alps (print, scenery) fabric y no he encontrado nada.
    Mi email es
    Disculpa tan largo comentario.

  6. I think you settled on just the right length and I love the print on this fabric! You look awesome!


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